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Annual Returns

Each year, we ask you to complete an annual return to help us plan, inform and carry out our inspections. We also share some of the information with other organisations, such as the Scottish Social Services Council and the Scottish Government. All annual returns should have been submitted by Monday 16 February.  

We have developed a tool  to help you calculate the whole time equivalent and staff absence information for the Total Staffing section of the annual return. You can access these tools here.



If you have received a joint letter from the Care Inspectorate and Scottish Social Services Council about referrals to the SSSC please note the following information. The purpose of the letter is to prompt any providers who have not made referrals to the SSSC to do so now. 

  • Not all providers who receive a letter need to make a referral.  The letters have been sent to providers where the annual data suggests that one might have been required. 

  • If you are not aware  of any referrals that need to be made do not take any further action.  

If you think a referral needs to be made please use the form attached to the letter or alternatively the employer referral form on the SSSC website.



All service types must complete their annual returns electronically, using the Care Inspectorate’s eForms system. 

The eForms system is accessed at the following web address: http://eforms.careinspectorate.com

When you access the eForms system you will firstly see this screen:

There are video tutorials to help you use the eForms system – click on ‘View Video Tutorials’ to see these. 

To log into the eForms system click on ‘Continue to the login page’ - the following screen will open:


Enter your Username and Password. If you don’t have these, or have forgotten them, telephone the Helpdesk on 0345 603 0890. 

Once you have entered the correct Username and Password, the following screen will open:

Annual Returns 3

To access the annual return, click on the ‘Current’ tab and then click on ‘Annual Return’. The annual return will open and you can begin to complete the form. 

If your service registered on or after 1 October 2014, you don’t have to complete an annual return in 2015, but it would be helpful if you do. We can use your information to help us carry out our work and the information you put in will automatically appear in the 2016 annual return. You’ll then only need to enter any information that has changed. 

When you have completed your annual return, make sure you click on the 'Submit' button at the top of the screen. A data protection statement will appear - to complete your return, you must select the 'I Agree' box.

If you don’t get an email confirming submission, check the form to see if you have entered all the information correctly. 

Annual Returns Staffing Section (this does not apply to childminding services)

The information from the staffing section form will automatically feed into the annual return. Until you have submitted your annual return there will be no separate staffing section form.
Once you have submitted your annual return, your information will feed into a new staffing section form which you can start updating for next year's annual return. Any changes you make will be be updated into this year's annual return.
Remember - even if your service is inactive, you must submit an annual return.
You can log in to your Care Inspectorate eForms account from any computer connected to the internet. If you don’t have a computer at home, local libraries and resource centres usually have them. If you have no way to access the internet you will need to call the eForms helpdesk on 0345 603 0890.  

We will no longer automatically downgrade services for failing to submit an annual return. This is because we do not believe that non-submission is necessarily a reflection of poor quality of service. We will, however, continue to publish details about submission or non-submission of annual returns within inspection reports. We also reserve the right to make a formal requirement relating to submission of an annual return, or in cases of serious or persistent non-compliance, to issue an improvement notice under s62 of the Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010, requiring its submission.  

Please note that where the manager of the service has changed, you must formally notify the Care Inspectorate of the correct details.  This can be done using the Care Inspectorate’s online eForms system. The annual returns cannot be used to inform us of changes to your service.